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Acoustic aesthetics is the last piece of jigsaw puzzle of aesthetics. Master Acoustics cares about the quality of sounds around our daily life. We devote to improve the sounds from all kinds of instruments and sound field for human awaking their instinct of receiving the messages from the universe. With bioacoustics, healing the human body and mind by making harmonious frequency.

Jack Chen, our chief director, has the brilliant sense of sounds and frequency. He has devoted to the sound study and research for thirty years. Jack’s sound-chasing journey begins from his studying in architectural acoustics, stepping forward to acoustics, frequency, life science and energy of patterns. Moreover, with his multitalented to improve the quality of sound field and acoustic aesthetics.

Master Acoustics was founded in 2017. Jack’s exclusive invention, sound optimized resonator and sound optimized coating successfully improve the timbre of instruments. The sound optimized resonator already has patent of China and in progress of patent in Taiwan and Europe.