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Master Acoustics is the final piece of puzzle in the realm of aesthetics. As we live in a world filled with the cacophony of sounds in daily life, people have gradually lost the ability to listen to their inner voices and the instinct to receive messages from the universe. With Master Acoustics’ innovative products, you would be able to elevate the power of resonance, reawaken the dormant hearing instinct in your body, listen attentively to the pulsing of the universe, and get in touch with your inaudible frequency of longing. By combining acoustics with the mystery of life sciences, Master Acoustics invites you to reset your body and mind and achieve perfect harmony.

Founder and CTO of Master Acoustics, Jack was born with a keen sense of hearing.  With a natural sensitivity towards timbre and frequency, he has dedicated himself to acoustic research for over three decades. His earlier focus was on musical instruments and architectural acoustics, where the subject of study ranges from sounds, frequency, life sciences to graph energy. Hoping to render his natural talent into different inventions, Jack aspires to present customers with a diverse selection of products that can be integrated into daily life and help elevate sound quality, improve spatial resonance and satisfy music aficionados’ pursuit of excellence and aesthetics in acoustics.

In 2017, Jack founded Master Acoustics to share his years of research and accomplishments with the public. With two hallmark technologies, Superwave Conduction Resonator and Sound Optimization Coating, he has improved the tone quality of musical instruments and received numerous collaboration invitations from musicians at home and abroad. Superwave Conduction Resonator has acquired patents in various countries like China, Taiwan, Europe and the US, while patents for other inventions are pending for subsequent approval.

Founder Background :

✠ Master Acoustics Founder & CTO

✠ Published 「The Power of Sound」Best Selling Book

✠ International Sound Optimized Patents,「Superwave Conductor」.「Superwave Conduction Coating」

✠ Innovation of 「High Field」Speaker Systems


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WORKSHOP /「One to No Mind State」

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CLUBHOUSE / 「35 subjects of the relationship within universe and human beings 」